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Charlie Weis To Kansas: Good Hire? Bad Hire?

Talk about a polarizing figure. Sheahon Zenger just landed a guy that was considered one of the games great offensive minds less than a decade ago and the reaction is probably skewed toward disappointment.

Obviously the Notre Dame experiment is where the anxiety related to Charlie Wies stems from. His less than stellar record and eventual firing have turned him into tainted goods in a lot of people's opinion because he couldn't win at a place that has money and resources committed to football at a level higher than almost anywhere in the Nation.

I can't help but think back to Turner Gill's constantly diminishing approval rating among Kansas fans throughout the 2011 season and wonder what Sheahon Zenger's rating would be like today. Not even Zenger, just this hire. As a Kansas football fan, do you approve? Yes or no? No qualifiers just a simple question, yes or no?