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Charlie Weis To Be Named Head Coach For Kansas Football

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A football coaching search that has been conducted in a quiet and deliberate manner appears to have come to a close for Kansas. After 12 days of rumor filled, 'lead' candidate changing media speculation, Sheahon Zenger looks to have landed a pretty big name in the coaching world with former Notre Dame head coach and current Florida offensive coordinator Charlie Weis.

It's a hire that comes as a bit of a head scratcher because Weis's name really didn't surface until late on Wednesday. It's also curious from the standpoint that Weis has typically been at fairly high profile positions and Kansas doesn't really fit that mold at the moment. But when you really step away from the instant reaction to this move, the resume does speak for itself.

Weis has been a part of three Super Bowls during his time as the offensive coordinator for the New England Patriots. During his Notre Dame tenure he coached two first round NFL quarterbacks. And during the past two seasons he as been the offensive coordinator for an overachieving Kansas City Chiefs team and most recently the offensive coordinator for a Florida program dealing with some transition. Weis has been in and around some very well run football organizations during his career and that might be just what Kansas needs.

The hire is also a very interesting one considering the names that were involved and the fact that it isn't likely to be the most popular choice among Kansas fans at this stage in the game. Some will be thrilled, some will be completely against the hire, but Zenger obviously took his time and made the choice that he feels is the best. After all, the saying goes that you only get to fire and hire one football coach when you're an Athletic Director so Zenger's success at Kansas will certainly be tied to this hire in some respects.

The part that is really intriguing at this point is who will comprise the remainder of the staff. We know that Reggie Mitchell has been assured a spot, but does Weis retain any of the other remaining staff members? Who does Weis pursue for his coordinator positions? These are the questions that will be asked and important pieces to the puzzle as Sheahon Zenger and Charlie Weis begin the process of repairing Kansas football.

A press conference will be held on Friday to officially introduce Weis as the head coach at Kansas.