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A (semi) Statistical Recap of Howard

After overeating on Christmas, the last thing we probably needed was a cupcake (/rimshot) but it was just what the doctor ordered for Kansas, who throttled Howard 89-34.

Kansas held the Bison to exactly half a point per possession, the first time they've accomplished that feat since December 2nd, 2009 when they held Alcorn State to 31 points in an 83 possession game. Kansas's defensive domination was pretty comprehensive, holding Howard to a 25% eFG (25% from two and 16.7% from three) and forcing them to turn it over on 35% of their possessions.

KU was just as good offensively, scoring 1.31 points per trip. They shot 53% from three and had their way inside, shooting 60% from inside the arc. Despite it being Howard, Kansas still turned it over on 19.1% of their possessions, though that could be attributable to the number of points the reserves and walkons played. Ditto for their rebounding, as Kansas was actually outrebounded by the Bison: Howard grabbed 35.6% of its misses next to Kansas's 34.5%

A day to rest and recharge and then it's the biggest nonconference game of the year.

  • Conner Teahan had 13 points in 17 minutes, and with every passing game is proving my point that he would be a really good low to mid major player, but probably shouldn't be in the rotation for a team with Final Four upside.
  • Tyshawn had 13 points (and went 3 for 4 from three) and had 5 assists next to 1 turnover
  • Travis Releford has a Travis Releford statline regardless of opponent apparently, with 6 points and 4 boards.
  • Merv Lindsay made an appearance, scoring 9 points in 8 minutes. He also had 3 rebounds. I am assuming he can't defend at all or something otherwise I can't really see why he doesn't play ahead of Tehan when looking at his shot. I don't get to see them in practice either, which obviously factors into it a lot, but it would be nice to see what Lindsay had to offer this year so that maybe he could be a three point threat off the bench next year. I'd assume he is going to transfer to somewhere he can play, which is a shame.
  • A bunch of other players played and did things.
  • Go Sioux?