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Kansas Basketball Previews: Previewing South Florida With Voodoo Five

I'm doing a bit of a differently formatted post for the preview for the South Florida game later today. Yesterday I answered some questions about the game (and what to do in Lawrence, if you want to help out someone who is visiting for the game today) over at our South Florida blog, Voodoo Five.

Today it is their turn to answer some questions about the contest, as well as where they get their blog name from. I don't have the boss's sweet skills with putting the pictures before the questions and all that jazz, but something tells me you'll live.

RCT: Thomas Robinson is obviously our main guy down low, but he's struggled a bit when double teamed. But that obviously only works with bigs and wings who are athletic enough to do it. Do you guys have any athletic big men (or wing players) who can double Robinson and frustrate him?

V5: Why that's the strength of the team! USF has a trio of quality posts in Ron Anderson Jr., Toarlyn Fitzpatrick, and Augustus Gilchrist that might make life tough for Robinson. Ron is the best defender on the team and will be the primary defender.

The Bulls have a couple of long wings who can help out in Victor Rudd and Hugh Robertson. Rudd is extremely long at 6'8", but Robertson is by far our best perimeter defender. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he draws the assignment against Tyshawn Taylor.

RCT: You guys have been in the Big East since the 2005-06 season and it hasn't exactly been smooth sailing. Do you think it's just because the Big East is so darn tough, a lack of being able to recruit the right guys, or something else?

V5: Rebuilding USF basketball has been a process two decades in the making. Between horrible facilities, lackluster support, and a couple of bad coaching hires, the Bulls just haven't been able to return to the early 1990 teams that made the NCAA Tournament.

Things are starting to change however. We just finished the 50,000 sq ft Muma Basketball Practice Facility, and the Sun Dome is getting a complete renovation. Stan Heath is already seeing dividends with the new facilities on the recruiting trail. Heath has his best recruiting class so far this year with JUCO AA Waverly Austin and Top 100 wing JaVonte Hawkins already in the fold for next season. If Heath can find another post in the spring, USF might just be ready to turn the corner.

RCT: To piggy back on that question, Syracuse and Pitt are leaving for the ACC and West Virginia is coming to the Big 12. Do you think that realignment will help South Florida's basketball program?

V5: Well it helps that the rumored teams that would replace the departing schools are mediocre to horrible in basketball. Given that USF is currently in the bottom quartile in the conference, the Bulls have nowhere to go but up.

RCT: Last year you guys had all sorts of problems with scoring and turning the ball over. So far this year it looks like it has gotten a bit better. Do you think it's due to some young guys getting more experience or is it something else?

V5: No more Anthony Crater. While Anthony Collins and Blake Nash have looked good so far this season, anything would have been better than what Crater did last year. He couldn't run the offense, was horrible against the press, and his lack of offensive ability made it 4 on 5 most possessions.

RCT: Lastly, just because I'm curious, what is the meaning behind Voodoo Five?

V5: It was a debacle wrapped in a cluster(you know what. And yes I edited that. I'm like The Party in 1984) stuffed in an epic fail gift box and delivered by train wreck mail to everyone in Bulls Country. That's all I can really say before throwing things. Here's the link to the story when we first moved over to SB Nation.

RCT: Actually I lied, this is the last one. Give us a prediction for the game if you would.

V5: I think we will be able to hang for 25-30 minutes, but unless Shaun Noriega, Blake Nash, and Victor Rudd each go absoletly insane from three, KU should be able to roll comfortably. Let's go with a 15 point win for the Jayhawks.

In addition, please give them a follow if you do the twitter thing at @sbnvoodoofive