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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 12.29.11

Getty Images

Today's photo commemorates Bensa the Return, Part III. This happens tonight as I understand it?

Kansas Basketball

KU notes: Freshmen add depth in practice |
Bill Self says that both would help them on the court right now. I want to believe it, but I'm not sure I do considering the lack of PT for Tharpe.

Who is KU's biggest surprise this season? Plus, predictions for KU-Howard | Cram Session |
Jayhawk roundtable

Brandon Rush drops 19 points on the Knicks; Selby, Aldrich debut | 'Hawks in the NBA |
Jayhawks in the League

Kansas Football

QB Dayne Crist eager to reunite with Charlie Weis |
Still excited to see how this experiment works out.

College Basketball

Syracuse, Duke snag No.1 seeds in first Bracket Watch of 2011 - Andy Glockner -
Four seed in New Mexico...I think I would probably make that trip.

Realignment and related stuff

Big Ten, Pac-12 to grow scheduling partnership - ESPN
It's not realignment, but it's LIKE realignment.

Georgia with favorable 2012 schedule - SEC Blog - ESPN
Some realignment fall out news. I will be curious to watch Missouri and A&M in the SEC, at least I think I will be. At least more so than I was Nebraska and CU. I rarely followed either of those two teams this year and CU is in my backyard.

Mizzou SEC schedule set while Tigers await official word from KU | Campus Corner
Should be interesting to see if our stance is softened. I would think initially it won't, but if the program finds itself with solid footing in future years I wouldn't be opposed to the Arrowhead game returning. Or maybe just make it a home and home, actually yes...a home and home.


Chiefs get second chance at Tebow -
So I'm there any excitement for this one in KC? Denver is billing this as Orton and the Chiefs getting revenge on the Broncos, but Orton has only been there a few weeks and I just can't imagine that everyone has this burning desire to help him exact his revenge. KC has nothing to play for, Denver everything. Seems to me the Bronco fans are looking for an early excuse if Tebow struggles and somehow loses. For the record, I don't think he loses.