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Kansas Football: Defensive Coordinator Mike Nolan Rumors?

Let that one sink in for a minute. Mike Nolan, current defensive coordinator for the Miami Dolphins and former head coach for the San Francisco 49ers as a possible defensive coordinator for the Kansas Jayhawks?

That seems to be the hot rumor right now. Honestly the rumor started as many do and that's on twitter. It comes from an account that no one can really verify and that account included Jayhawkslant and Matt Tait on the tweet which seems to have led to this thing gaining steam a little faster than normal. And so the saying goes, where there is smoke...

So here we are on Christmas Eve, Fetch is bringing you his annual Night Before RCTmas Poem in just a few short minutes and now we've got a little buzz surrounding a possible KU football hire to get us through this slower holiday weekend.

I would have to think it would be hard to label a hire like Nolan anything but a homerun. Personally I would be prettty happy with that one and you would think it would open some doors in a hurry on the defensive side of the ball. Nolan has coached under Al Groh, Brian Billick, Dan Reeves and more. His NFL career spans over two decades and he is considered one of the better 3-4 guys in the league.

At face value it seems a bit out of left field and honestly it feels like a bit of a longshot. Why would Nolan come to Kansas? More than likely this is a bad rumor gone wild. Then again, two months ago I would have said why would Charlie Weis come to Kansas?

Since Thursday there have been a few small claims that a Kansas defensive coordinator would be named as soon as Monday that it would be a big name. That buzz has picked up steam and Nolan seems to be the name riding that wave of momentum for the moment. One way or another we'll find out soon enough, but at the very least Charlie Weis seems to have given Jayhawk fans reason to think big. And why not after the week we had with the quarterback position.