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News and Notes, December 21

Recap: KU's second-half defense made comeback nearly impossible against Davidson | The Newell Post |
Newell Post

Cole Aldrich comes to play (and more from Tuesday preseason games) | 'Hawks in the NBA |
Cole Aldrich might beat out Nazr Mohammed at some point in the rotation. He looks 100 percent better. He doesn’t have near the offensive game Mohammed has, but defensively Aldrich is active everywhere. He never stops challenging shots and tries to rebound everything. And he even showed off a legit sky hook (and made it!) late in the fourth.

Bill Self: After Davidson, KU is all-business on road |
"I’d like to see a lot of things," Self said of improvement for Thursday. "To see us actually attempt to guard, to get in (defensive) stance, to win 70 percent of the 50/50 balls, to not give up layups, to have enough discipline to guard the entire clock and not break down. For us to not play tired, to have more energy and passion, to run our stuff and try to execute what we do instead of being out there on our own."

Snyder won’t let K-State’s success change recruiting approach -
Some information from the west. They're still playing football over there.

Miami player cleared, but Haith remains in limbo -
Some information on the school to the east. Player reinstated, no word on whether Haith is in trouble yet.

Much criticized Miles is AP coach of year |
Tricky call with coach of the year, LSU had a great season and dealt with a lot of distractions this season. However, do you get credit for dealing with distractions that result from the kids you recruited being undisciplined?