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Davidson Preview, Or Hey Do You Remember This Game?

I imagine Davidson fans and Kansas fans will always, or at least for the next decade, be able to give each other a bit of a knowing look when either program or March 30, 2008 is mentioned. While it was one of the better and more memorable games in Kansas history, Davidson fans seem to be rather fond of it as well.

The entire game was a back and forth affair. Kansas used just seven players, all of whom played 20+ minutes, while Davidson trotted out eight. NBA lottery pick Stephen Curry of course played all 40. It was an offensive disaster, as Kansas won despite scoring only .95 points per trip. But it held Davidson to just .92 per trip and held Curry to 9-25 shooting (4-16 from three). It would be fun to know which of Russell Robinson and Brandon Rush did better on Curry (and you can go see for yourself!) but for now let's agree that was a great effort when they absolutely needed to have one.

Oh and Kansas also held Jason Richards to 0-4 shooting from three, including one I know we're all familiar with:

This year's Wildcats aren't exactly as formidable as the 2008 team. For one, they're just the 262nd best three point shooting team in the country right now, at 30.6%. They shoot right around 50% from two, but when they take it all the way inside they run into problems, getting 11.8% of their shots blocked. They do make 82% of their free throws, which will probably be their best method of scoring against our hacktastic defense.

Defensively Davidson has had a rough go of things, allowing opponents to shoot nearly 51% from two, sending them to the line an awful lot, and not making them turn it over much.

The big key to this one will be whether Tyshawn Taylor plays (seriously, why?) and how well Naadir Tharpe plays in his playing time increase. Though, to be honest, I don't expect it will matter much. Still it will be a good chance to give Tharpe some playing time against an opponent that isn't Towson but not one that could take major advantage of him either.

KenPom gives Kansas a 90% chance of winning, and guesses an 82-66 scoreline. I'll say 77-63 in 70 possessions.

But for now let's all just watch the video above and re-live 2008.