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Kansas Basketball Up Just One Spot To No. 12

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Beat the no. 2 team in the country and you earn some respect right? Wrong, not when Jared Sullinger is on the bench. Despite Kansas controlling the game from pretty much the opening tip to the closing buzzer, the Jayhawk gained only one spot in both the Coaches and AP poll this week.

That's right folks, Kansas is number 12, and honestly that's probably about right. I don't see any reason to really catapult Kansas up the charts for this one win, but I sometimes wonder what would have happened had a Duke, North Carolina or Kentucky done as much? Would they gain a mere one spot in the polls?

The annoyance is compounded by the fact that Ohio State didn't move at all. The Buckeyes are still number two while Kentucky losing on a last second buzzer beater to a now top 20 Indiana team moves the Wildcats to number three. If I'm voting I think I give more credit to Kentucky than Ohio State. The Buckeyes had to scrape and claw to get within six of Kansas on multiple occasions and while they were never out of it, it sure didn't feel like they were ever in it.

Ohio State with Jared Sullinger was a 2.5 point favorite over Kansas in Allen Fieldhouse. Take him away and Kansas wins by eleven. I realize he's a load and he makes a difference down low, but once again I hate the notion that Kansas should somehow apologize for winning this game.

Ohio State is a very good team across the board. Kansas played and lost to Duke and Kentucky already this season. I guess I tend to believe that Kansas was due in this one and I would have bet on the Jayhawks with or without Sullinger in the game. I wouldn't necessarily say that again if these two teams meet in a rematch, but on Saturday the Jayhawks were the better team.

Just a little more ammo for Bill Self as he prepares this team for what promises to be a tough Big 12 conference race.