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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 12.10.11

Charlie Weis and Kansas

‘Power surge’: KU introduces ‘old ball coach’ Charlie Weis to fix, fire-up program |
Mixed feelings after the presser. A lot of good things, he definitely seems self aware of the concerns and issues from his time at Notre Dame. My concerns boil down to how bought in or vested he is in this gig.

Next job for Charlie Weis: find QB |
Could happen much sooner than later.

Dayne Crist to visit Kansas, consider transfer -
Any other free agents out there?

Weis says he was sold on opportunity to turn KU football around -
He definitely made this very clear. The building of a program. It is something that Parcells has always seemed to relish and Weis points to Parcells as a mentor. - Weis was the first choice
I do like this perspective.

Notre Dame football: Seeing the Irish through the eyes of a top recruit -
"I think it's a great move for Kansas," Lemming said. "Charlie Weis learned a lot about being a head coach at Notre Dame. At Kansas, he won't have the pressure he had at ND and Florida, so he can build a program the right way. All he needs to do is show improvement, and at Kansas, how could you not?

Ex-Irish player lauds Weis |
A little something from a former player.

Weis to Kansas crazy and unthinkable, but it could work - NCAA Football -
I guess I like this line of thinking. But I'm being an optimist by choice right now. I'm sure I'll regret that somewhere along the way but what else can you do?

Pre-Snap Read: A College Football Blog
Opinions opinions everywhere!

Coach Charlie Weis ‘recruited’ Sheahon Zenger |
"He recruited me," Zenger said. "He’s very engaging."

Kansas feels Weis’ human touch -
It had the feel of Mangino when he was at his most personable. Actually perhaps even more relaxed and far more honest and candid but it was definitely refreshing to get away from cliche's, coach speak and unproven confidence.

Weis warns KU players there is work to be done -
If you watched it, you heard this part loud and clear.

Kevin Haskin: Disparity in Sunflower records drives Weis |
He definitely made a point of saying that K-State is 10-2, Kansas is 2-10. No reason Kansas can't be and shouldn't be 10-2.

Kevin Haskin: Weis hire poses questions |
A lot of folks worry about his personality and doing the rah rah football coach thing. Yes some of that will need to be done, but we have Bill Self to be the face of this University. Mangino never did these things and if Weis can be successful and maybe a little softer than Mangino...I'm good with that. I don't think Zenger feels like he needs the coach to rub elbows with alums. If Weis can win, Zenger will take care of that side of it and the donor piece likes winning above anything I would have to think.

Sweet Home Kansas | Cassie Rupp
Folks on twitter asked and she answered...Cassie Rupp weighs in on Charlie Weis. Maybe she'd like to be a guest blogger here at RCT?

Mailbag: Weis, 2012, SEC, OK State robbed? - Big 12 Blog - ESPN
In my mind, his staff decisions will ultimately determine how this tenure plays out. Unlike some, I don't see this as a dead-end idea doomed to failure. - Ubben

Kansas Basketball

Jayhawks ready for battle with No. 2 Buckeyes |
After today we will have tested our team against #1, #2 and whatever Duke is these days but I'm pretty sure it's top 5.

Who will win the Sullinger-Robinson battle inside? Plus, predicting the KU, Ohio State game | Cram Session |
Big basketball game today. Fetch is catching it live!