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Kansas Football Staff Approval Rating: Post Iowa State

Word of the week is RECOVERY! Did we recover a little? It's often been said that we were looking for competitiveness and we did see that on Saturday. But it also might be too little too late and some of the in game decision making was called into question after the game.

The climb is getting steep at this point and considering the body of work it might take a win to move the needle but we shall see in this weeks approval rating poll.

Last Week's Results(Post Texas)

85% DO NOT approve of the job Turner Gill and his staff are doing (145 votes)

14% APPROVE (25 votes)

Rolling tally heads South a bit after the offensive disaster in Austin. 530 NO votes to 322 YES votes. The split now sits at 62/38. Poll for this week is open until kickoff on Saturday, time to check the pulse of Jayhawk Nation when it comes to Turner Gill