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Kansas Opens as a 17.5 Point Underdog to Baylor

If you have watched the Baylor Bears at all this season you would have been a worried Kansas fan heading into this one.  If you watched Baylor against Missouri last weekend you're probably flat out demoralized heading into this one. 

Baylor makes the trip up to Lawrence this Saturday coming off of a 697 yard performance against the Missouri Tigers in Waco.  Now granted Missouri's defense has underperformed this year, but they aren't the worst defense in college football and Baylor had a field day.

From a matchup standpoint it's a VERY difficult one for Kansas.  Robert Griffin III is probably giving Vic Shealy nightmares and the Baylor receiving corps surely remembers the Jayhawks fondly from a year ago.

And so it opens, the Vegas line for this one started at 17.5 and as one would guess it's gone up.  Currently we're sitting at 19.5 and the smart money might be on Baylor still.  The one positive sign for Kansas has been the modest improvement defensively so there is some hope, but rest assured this one has been a concern since the beginning of the season based on the Kansas defensive struggles and the explosive Baylor offense.