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BCS Standings Set the Table for a Potential LSU v Alabama Rematch

Normally I don't get into the whole BCS argument because Kansas is on the other end of things right now and fighting for the anti-BCS championship.  But today's release paints a very interesting picture and I'm not all that sure if it's a positive or a negative for college football.

LSU and Alabama played in Tuscaloosa this Saturday.  A defensive field goal fest ensued and the Tigers walked away with the win in overtime.  The win gives LSU the lead in the SEC West and the inside track to an SEC Championship.  If the Tigers can survive the remainder of the season and win the SEC Championship then they will rightfully play for the National Title.

So who will join them?  As it stands right this moment it would be the Oklahoma State Cowboys.  But based on the current standings, Alabama sits right behind the Pokes at the no. 3 spot in the BCS standings.  The Crimson Tide are well positioned to play for a National title if OSU should falter and they might just get that shot against the team they just lost to yesterday.

Isn't the argument surrounding the college football regular season the fact that every week is a playoff? I thought we've been sold on the fact that the BCS strengthens the game because EVERY game matters and conference matchups create a defacto playoff?  Well that wouldn't appear to be the case given the current standings.

If OSU loses shouldn't Stanford or maybe even Boise State have a shot?  As it stands today Alabama will be next in line waiting.  Don't get me wrong that does have the makings of a great title game and I'd watch every second of it.  But it just seems that we're looking at one of the best examples of money and ratings driving everything and that's something that we aren't in short supply of when it comes to examples lately.