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Kansas Football Battles But Still Comes Up Short Against Iowa State

The good news is that Kansas went on the road in the Big 12 and put a competitive product on the field.  The Jayhawks were in the game throughout, they took it to the final minutes and had an opportunity to put together a win, but they just didn't have the pieces to put it all together at the end of the day.Another week and another loss for Turner Gill's Jayhawk team.

The first half held a lot of promise for Kansas.  The Jayhawk offense out-gained the Cyclones overall and controlled the line of scrimmage.  The defense was active, forced several turnovers and held the Cyclones in check for much of the game.   From an effort and competitiveness standpoint it was what Kansas fans have been looking for, but it was also just as frustrating because it was a game that Kansas could have and should have won. 

The struggle for Kansas has actually shifted in recent weeks.  For the longest time it was an awful defensive effort that made the headlines.  In this game the defense did enough to win, but the offense put together just 73 yards of offense in the second half.  Whatever adjustments are taking place at halftime, they just aren't proving effective for Kansas and it continues to bring into question the capability of the Jayhawk staff.

Looking at this one as a stand alone, it's a solid game.  It was competitive football and it's what Kansas fans wanted this year.  Taken as a part of the greater body of work, it was a winnable game that Kansas found a way to lose.  Without a doubt Kansas battled and put together some positive things, but this one probably won't ease the questions surrounding Turner Gill's future for the time being.