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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 11.4.11

Kansas Football

Reasons for optimism against Iowa State; plus, a surprising stat about KU's running game | Cram Session |
KUSports roundtable

Recent foes restrict rushers |
Running game could return in Ames

Perception of KU football changing for the worse |
It is pretty sad that ALL those people who called 2007 a fluke and told us that we were still a crappy program and would never sustain it....are now more right than we ever thought possible. I'm mad at everybody.

Turner Gill's Guide to Wholesome Living - Wide Right & Natty Lite
Fanshot to the side courtesy KSinDC but this is just another example of what we've turned into.

College Basketball

No. 2-ranked prep prospect Mitch McGary commits to Michigan - ESPN
Big get for Michigan basketball. I found it odd that Kansas didn't make a bigger push here. Seems like we put all our eggs in the Kaleb basket and now we're stuck scrambling again.