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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 11.28.11

Kansas Football

Turner Gill out as KU football coach |
Sucks to see someone that seems to be upstanding fail. Obviously I don't know him personally but the staff as a whole seemed like very solid people. Just didn't work for whatever reason and you can't rest on being a good person in this business unfortunately. Wish them all well, too bad it couldn't happen here.

Kansas fires football coach Turner Gill -
1-16 in the Big 12 and the one win was to the only coach that might have been worse, Dan Hawkins.

What's next for KU football: Coaching candidates |
Tait looks at the candidates

Jayhawks fire Gill after only two seasons on job |
I hope we aren't doing this again in two years. If we are, this thing is really really bad.

Gill's firing simple: Just not good enough - Big 12 Blog - ESPN
Simple enough

Kevin Haskin: KU must restore football vision |
I do take the move as a signal that we're serious about football. We're talking a $6 million plus dollar buyout when this is all said and done and then we still have to hire someone. The AD has made mistakes in recent years but I take this as a signal that Kansas and the fans WANT good football and hopefully we can get things moving in the right direction.

Zenger has guts to hire Leach |
I hate that this is the only name we seem to be so focused on. Right now Leach is the hot name EVERYWHERE, and I'm concerned we're setting our expectations too high. It would be great, but I think we need to be well prepared for this not to happen.