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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 11.22.11

Kansas Football

Monday Rewind — Texas A&M: Was this the worst loss in the Turner Gill era? | Tale of the Tait |
It was up there. If nothing else it was an example of completely missing the mark in the motivation/gameplanning/coach em up department.

Turner Gill’s focus on MU, not on his future |
Well that's good.

Kansas Basketball

Late bloomers: KU slips past Hoyas |
Good win.

Tyshawn Taylor recovers from second-half cramps in KU victory over Georgetown |
Get that IV going today.

Reeves Nelson changes game for UCLA |
Seriously. With the Eminem, Tupac, J Morrison, Jimi Hendrix tattoo.

Robinson must float like a butterfly for KU this season |
What Robinson means for this team.

Primer for the Maui Invitational -- college basketball - ESPN
This week in Maui -- where the Jayhawks will face an equally rebuilding team in Georgetown and potentially UCLA, Duke, Michigan or Memphis down the road -- will be a far more realistic barometer for Kansas.

College Football

Urban Meyer -- if Ohio State Buckeyes offer job, I'll have a decision to make - ESPN
Book it!