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Kansas Basketball Recruiting: Landon Lucas

Recruiting is always a big discussion point when it comes to college athletics.  This past week the Kansas basketball program put together the beginning of their 2012 class which included Perry Ellis, Zach Peters and Landon Lucas.  Jayhawks fans have become pretty familiar with Ellis and Peters in recent years, but Lucas has been a bit new on the scene. covers high school athletics and recruiting in the State of Oregon and they've shared a few notable pieces of footage that they've put together on Lucas to help us learn a little more about Kansas' newest big man.  The above clip is from his signing day event and after the jump you can find a profile and a few highlights from the 6'10" Oregon big.

I'm good with it.  As he says, he might not be the flashy type but he appears to have some maturity and I'm optimistic that he'll fit in well with the program and be a solid foundation player in the coming years.  Once again thanks to for sharing the coverage.