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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 11.16.11

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Kansas Basketball

Wildcats' swats flummox KU |
That was one LONG athletic team. But I also think that we weren't taking it to them until Tyshawn decided to in the second half and that proved pretty effective.

Loud and clear: UK pulls away, makes statement |
I agree with some of what was said in the OGT. Kentucky is a very good team and these players have bright futures, but why do they feel the need to be so excessively arrogant. The amount of times someone screamed, held a damn circle over their eye while holding up a three etc was pretty high. Good team, win something that matter before you anoint yourself so important. Their have been a ton of great Kentucky players that have come through in their history and as of right now, most of YOU aren't one of them.

Jayhawks fade in second half, lose to Kentucky -
I guess I'm not as concerned as what Brady makes this out to be. I was at times last night, but most of that was my overreaction in the midst of a game.

KU coach Bill Self announces signing of Landen Lucas |
One signing

KU announces signing of Zach Peters |
Two signed

Kansas Football

Jayhawks turn up turnover margin |
This has been a noticed improvement on the defensive side of the ball.

Big 12 Hoops

Quincys lead No. 11 Baylor to 77-67 win over SD St. - NCAA Basketball -
Baylor with the win short of Perry Jones

Penn State

Penn State Nittany Lions scandal -- Mike McQueary says he stopped assault, talked to cops, - ESPN
There are going to be a lot of people trying to save face in this one. Plenty of people prepared to throw someone else under the bus. One thing is clear, Sandusky is one creepy dude.