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Kansas Jayhawks v Kentucky Wildcats Open Game Thread

November 15th, 2011
8 pm CST
Where: Madison Square Garden, NY New York

Welcome to the Rock Chalk Talk and your open thread for the Kansas Jayhawks and the Kentucky Wildcats in Madison Square Garden. We'll get this one going early to celebrate the event and with other games on the docket, we should have something to talk about.

HUGE early season contest for the Jayhawks and a great test for Bill Self's team as they dive full force into some top competition on a big National stage. This is the type of game we've all been asking for over the last two non conference seasons and now we'll get one. Kentucky is #2 in the country and widely considered the smart money in this one. Kansas is #11 with plenty of questions so let's get to answering them.

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Rock Chalk and Beak em Hawks!