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Big 12 Power Rankings: Week 12

It's like we're all sitting around waiting for Oklahoma to play Oklahoma State.  Bedlam, Bedlam, Bedlam. I don't know if it's ever had stakes so high and I sure as heck hope that someone doesn't ruin it before. All in all it's been a fun year in the Big 12 and we're staring at a slim chance that nine of ten teams go bowling, but that last game of the year when Okie and Okie Light duke it out for what could be a National title bid is the type of game you love to see on the final weekend.  Almost there, one more game for each between now and then.  Don't TRIP!


1. Oklahoma State

How They Fared: 66-6 win over Texas Tech

Previous Ranking #1

Huge win over the Red Raiders and the Okie Light offense is back in overdrive.  My only regret is that they stopped short of 70.  Why 70?  Because it would have made me feel slightly better.


2. Oklahoma

How They Fared: Bye

Previous Ranking #2

Late season bye week for the Sooners.  Baylor on tap this week and a game that could be just a bit tricky right before Bedlam.  Survive and advance BOB.


3.  Kansas State

How They Fared: 53-50 win over Texas A&M

Previous Ranking #3

Kansas State has two losses.  Oklahoma and Okie Light.  They win the rest and now have eight wins.  Now they take on Texas and then Farmaggedon.  Very good chance that Bill Snyder hits 10 wins this season.  Impressive work.


4. Missouri

How They Fared: 17-5 win over Texas

Previous Ranking #6

Nice win for the Tigers, but they do lose Henry Josey for the remainder of the season.  Missouri sits five and five with two winnable games left to attain bowl eligibility.  Not a bad recovery considering the high number of injuries and a slow start to the season.


5. Texas

How They Fared:17-5 loss to Missouri

Previous Ranking #4

FIVE!  What the heck is FIVE POINTS!  Texas forgot that they were in a football game and fielded their soccer team for this one and as a result they have their first ever loss to Missouri in Big 12 play.  As luck would have it, the last time these two will play in Big 12 play.  Way to go Texas, way to go.  You are really letting us down in this whole realignment thing.


6. Baylor

How They Fared: 31-30 win over Kansas

Previous Ranking #5

Big comeback by the Bears after absolutely sleep walking through the first three quarters.  Yes part of it was Kansas, but Baylor screwed up the coin toss to start things off.  They barely recovered, but they did and now they are bowl eligible. 


7. Texas A&M

How They Fared: 53-50 loss to K-State

Previous Ranking #7

A bit of a disappointing year for A*M.  5-5 record and now they need a win in their final two weeks to go bowling.  Luckily Kansas comes to town before the final Texas showdown because I'm sure Mike Sherman doesn't want to leave anything in doubt heading into that one.


8.  Iowa State

How They Fared: Bye

Previous Ranking #8

Bye week for the Clones.  Still in the hunt for a bowl.



9.  Texas Tech

How They Fared: 66-6 loss to OSU

Previous Ranking 9

Rough week for the Red Raiders and an even more difficult week for Tommy Tuberville.  Some talk that the players are checked out in Lubbock and five losses in the last six games isn't helping.  Things don't get easier with Missouri.


10.  Kansas

How They Fared: 31-30 loss to Baylor

Previous Ranking NC

Kansas had a golden opportunity.  They played fairly well and the ball was bouncing their way.  A overtime loss means that they remain winless in the conference and that isn't likely to change.  If you can't win when your opponent messes up the coin toss, you might not ever get enough help again.