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RCT Logo Redesign Project: VOTE or Die!


Remember the vote or die campaign with P.Diddy? That seemed a bit harsh didn't it? What if you are just anti scantron or you didn't have a candidate that you supported? Does P.Diddy really want you to die? I'd like to think not, but he might if you neglect your civic duty when it comes to the new Rock Chalk Talk logo design.

We opened the floor to submissions, we've kicked the tires, critiqued, improved and zeroed in on a few great options. At the top of the page you'll find all five potential designs. Moving left to right we're counting them as 1...2...3...4...and 5. Again that IS LEFT TO RIGHT, ONE THROUGH FIVE. I don't want any Floridian's messing this up.

Now obviously the above examples are a little blurry because of the grouping etc. You can find the full logo in the proper size after the jump. I'll even number them in case there is any confusion. We'll probably push this vote on all week. Or until I'm happy with the result...only kidding. As long as we have some folks voting, we'll keep it going until I feel like at least all the regular readers etc have had a chance to weigh in.

Any questions feel free to email me. Her life is in your hands Dude!