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Rock Chalk Talk BlogPoll Ballot: Week 12

We're into the home stretch and we are just a few big games away from a LSU v OSU matchup.  LSU has to get by Arkansas and the SEC championship.  OSU has to get past Oklahoma in Bedlam.  I'm sure the Sooners and their fanbase want nothing more than to spoil that opportunity.  And if that happens it looks more and more like we're either going to have a rematch of LSU v Oregon or LSU v Bama, or perhaps Arkansas sneaks in with an upset win over the Tigers.

  • Boise State comes up short in the regular season this year.  After such a strong few seasons not long ago, it seems they keep coming up short in the regular season just when momentum brings them in the BCS conversation.
  • Nebraska.  I moved the Corn back up this week and the more I look at it the more I think the Huskers have turned into a classic Big 10 team in less than a year with the conference.  You know what it means, and it isn't a compliment.
  • This whole poll thing should drop down to 10 teams or so because after #10 you have about 30 teams that are in the conversation and every week you have teams losing or looking less than impressive.  I mean hell I had to bump Baylor up two spots to fit into my line of thinking this week and they really weren't a good team.
  • And finally, I've reluctantly included the Fighting Irish.  I guess it was time.  Now prepare for next year's preseason top five ranking and subsequent collapse.