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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 11.10.11

Kansas Basketball

Bracketology - NCAA College Basketball Brackets and Predictions - ESPN
Lunardi says we're a #3 seed in the East. A whole lot of Jayhawk love floating around out there.

Perry Ellis signs national letter of intent with KU |
Well this one is official. I believe Peters is scheduled for Monday and then we're back to playing the waiting game.

Kansas Football

KU's problem: How to stop Baylor QB |
Griffin problems!

KU running back, Brandon Bourbon, out for the season with leg injury |
Bourbon has really had a tough go of things on the injury front.

Jo Pa

Did Penn State's Joe Paterno break law in Jerry Sandusky case? - Michael McCann -
I can't imagine this is good for an 84 year old man. I just can't begin to wrap my head around this whole thing and I'm not sure I ever will.

Penn State Scandal: Joe Paterno And Graham Spanier Out, Effective Immediately -
and done. Sooner than even Joe Pa would have liked but I think the University is in full on damage control right now and Joe Pa was a big reason that this story had spiraled so out of control.

Penn State Riot: Students Protest, Clash With Police After Joe Paterno Fired -
Not sure what to make of this, seems misguided perhaps. Anger and outrage at a bad situation and people in the eye of the storm are looking for an outlet. I'm not sure what I'd do if this situation were transposed on my University but it would certainly be beyond embarrassment and to the point of something much bigger.

Things of lesser importance

NBA owners to blame if 2011-12 season has to be canceled - Chris Mannix -
So this is happening. I do find it funny that this isn't receiving near the uproar or attention that the NFL lockout did.