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Kansas Football Staff Approval Rating: Post-Texas

I wish I could say I was curious to see how this poll would go. I wish we had mixed results on Turner Gill. Maybe an unexpected win, a competitive loss or some other signal that could either give us all a little hope or even divide the fanbase like we have been in the past.

Unfortunately I think we're all shifting toward an inevitable conclusion barring some sort of remarkable shift in the on the field product over the last few weeks. With that, our approval rating continues.

Last Week's Results(Post K-State)

79% DO NOT APPROVE of Turner Gill's product on the field.

20% APPROVE of what they are seeing from the staff. (Perhaps some Missouri/K-State voters mixed in here?)

Rolling Tally is 297 YES and 385 NO's! That's still a respectable 43/57 split. Of course much of that is boosted by the polls that started a few weeks back when we were all still giving the benefit of the doubt. Lately the shift toward the NO's has been fairly dramatic.

And of course that brings us to this week. Can we still possibly have a 20% Yes ratio when I've noticed even the most stubborn of Gill supporters swing to the other side ever so slightly? We shall see. Yes or No? Do you approve? Poll stays open until Kickoff on Saturday as always.