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Big 12 Power Rankings: Week Ten


Another feature missed from last weeks regularly scheduled program, apologies.  That said we do get some pretty significant shakeups because of the lag.  A new team in the top spot, a whole lot of shuffling in the middle and believe it or not the BOTTOM REMAINS THE SAME!   I know, you're shocked by it.

On another note I do find it pretty impressive that this league is so balanced and fairly solid across the board this year.  There are a couple teams up top that probably separate themselves from the second tier which goes a good seven teams strong before the dropoff at the bottom.  Right now NINE Big 12 teams could still battle for bowl eligibility and several have a very winnable game on the calendar.


1. Oklahoma State

How They Fared: 59-24 win over Baylor

Previous Ranking #2

At this point T Boone Pickens has proven that you can indeed buy a football program.  So much so that Oklahoma State is poised to win a Big 12 championship and in doing so they would likely play for a National Championship.  You have to wonder how that would sit with Oklahoma fans and Oklahoma as a program.  Of course that is exactly what makes Bedlam looks so good right now.



2. Oklahoma

How They Fared: 58-17 win over Kansas State

Previous Ranking #1

After some early moments of concern the Sooners ran away with this one up in Manhattan.  Some have pointed to Kansas State being exposed and I do think there was some of that, but I also think that Oklahoma finally woke up.  They had a closer than necessary game in Lawrence where they weren't crisp and followed that up with a loss to Texas Tech.  They are a better team than that and after K-State rallied to make this one look like it was going to be close, Oklahoma seemed to wake up.



3.  Kansas State

How They Fared: 58-17 loss to Oklahoma

Previous Ranking NC

There just isn't anyone below the Wildcats that can convince me that they are better than the Wildcats.  Perhaps we're looking at a league where OU and OSU are that far ahead of everyone else and K-State is currently the top of tier two, but Kansas State has beaten Baylor, they've beaten Missouri and other than the loss to Oklahoma they have been more consistent than A&M and Texas.  It should be an interesting last few games though as Snyder's team will have to prove it on the field.



4. Missouri

How They Fared: 38-31 win over Texas A&M

Previous Ranking #6

Missouri had their backs against the wall on the road.  Lose this one and you move to 3-5 in the conference and you are battling for a bowl bid down the stretch.  The win ON THE ROAD against A&M was impressive given those circumstances and you could just feel that this might have turned the fortunes of the Tigers season by providing a huge shot in the arm to the teams confidence.



5. Texas

How They Fared: 43-0 win over Kansas

Previous Ranking #7

It was Kansas but the Longhorn defense looked pretty unstoppable and they've been a solid unit all season before blowing the doors off this week at home.  They sit 5-2 and need just one win to secure a bowl bid which would be a start after last year's failure in Austin.  The game over Thanksgiving weekend against A&M is looking very winnable, as are a few others as Texas is riding some positive momentum and gaining valuable experience down the stretch.



6. Texas A&M

How They Fared: 38-31 loss to Missouri

Previous Ranking #4

A&M drops one at home against Missouri which is something they shouldn't have done.  That brings the loss total to three on the season and we're getting very close to talking about failing to meet expectations down in College Station.  At the same time no one seems to care because this has a bit of a "lost season" feel to it with A&M already having one foot out the door into the SEC.  On that note, do we consider A&M now 0-2 in the SEC after losses to Arkansas and Missouri this year?



7.  Iowa State

How They Fared: 41-7 win over Texas Tech

Previous Ranking #9

Have I mentioned how envious I am of this team and their coach.  They now sit at 4-4 which is probably better than anyone would have expected and after this weekend they could be one win shy of three straight bowl appearances.  That's pretty good considering the uphill battle that Iowa State faces as a program.  Some coaches just get it done.



8.  Texas Tech

How They Fared: 41-7 loss to Iowa State

Previous Ranking 8

Well Tech followed up a HUGE win over Oklahoma and a top 25 ranking with a HUGE loss to Iowa State.  5-3 and one win from a bowl.  Tuberville will get the Red Raiders there, but most probably feel like they should already have done so.  A little inconsistent but still a program doing well considering the expectations this year and the fact that they are dealing with that tremendous learning curve of a new coach in year two(sarcasm).



9. Baylor

How They Fared: 59-24 loss to OSU

Previous Ranking #5

Baylor has gotten awful quiet since jumping out of the gate and three losses in the last four games have raised a few concerns.  Obviously the defense has been a question mark since the beginning but in recent weeks the once explosive offense just hasn't been able to keep up.  This week it's Missouri and then Baylor makes the trip to Lawrence where they likely expect to pick up win number five and put themselves just one win from bowl eligibility with three tough in state battles to play.




10.  Kansas

How They Fared: 43-0 loss to Texas

Previous Ranking NC

Kansas now has an offense equally as bad as their defense.  The Jayhawks are clearly one of the worst teams in division one football and as it stands now they are looking at the possibility of being the ONLY Big 12 team that doesn't achieve bowl eligibility.  Now most likely one or two others fall short but without question Kansas is on a lower tier all of their own in the conference and Turner Gill's seat is ON FIRE!