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Kansas Basketball 50 in 50, No. 28: Thomas Robinson Makes Wooden Award preseason Watch List

50 in 50 is a feature here at RCT counting down until the Jayhawks kick off the 2011 basketball season on November first. Got an idea for something you'd like to see featured here? tweet @rockchalktalk or @fetch9 or email me at fetch9 at gmail dot com.

The preseason watch list for the John Wooden Award was released yesterday, and Kansas Junior Thomas Robinson was one of the 50 players placed on the list.

Robinson averaged 7.6 points and 6.4 rebounds per game last year, but his tempo free stats tell a much different story. Robinson led the conference in FG%, was 4th in eFG and led the conference in both offensive and defensive rebounding percentage. Among players with a usage rate over 24% he ranked third in the entire country in both offensive and defensive rebounding percentage.

What Robinson can do is not a new story or news to any Kansas fans, so instead let's take a look at some snubs and who they should replace on the preseason watch list.

Snub: Seth Curry, Duke

Curry played only roughly 62% of Duke's minutes, but he had a 121.7 offensive rating, good for 57th in the whole country. He also posted a 55.6 eFG, including shooting 43.5% for three. He (most likely) won't ever be as good as his brother, but he should be a very good college player in his own right.

Replacing: Patric Young, Florida

Patric Young, to me, is the biggest disaster on this list. He's a tremendous physical talent, but he averaged 3.4 points and 3.8 rebounds per game last year. He also played under 10 minutes per game and wasn't a great rebounder or shooter other than from in close. He will probably end up a sought after NBA prospect but college voters need to learn that pro talent and college production are two vastly different things.

Snub: Christian Sikam, IUPUI

Sikam played in under 60% of IUPUI's minutes, but he made the most of them while he was in there. His 17.8% offensive rebounding rate was 3rd among qualifiers, and he was an efficient scorer as well, posting a 62.9% eFG while shooting 74.5% from the line.

Replacing: Dee Bost, Mississippi State

Bost's 38.8% assist rate was really good, but he played in under half his team's minutes and didn't do much else while on the floor. He had an eFG under 50% and wasn't a good rebounder. As a result his offensive rating was barely above average.

Snub: Arsalan Kazemi, Rice

Kazemi only had an eFG slightly above 50% last year, but he compensated for that by drawing more fouls than all but four people last year, and then shooting 72% from the line. He also posted the 2nd best defensive rebounding percentage and 15th best offensive.

Replacing: Peyton Siva, Louisville

At his best, Siva is pretty damn good. But last year his offensive rating was just 101.8, mostly due to him shooting just over 27% from three. His assist rate of 34% was very good, but his turnover rate of 25.8%, just a percent less than Tyshawn Taylor's, nullifies that a bit.