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Kansas Football Staff Approval Rating: Post Texas Tech

It feels like we're here. We're at the point where the debate is raging as to how well this coaching staff is doing on a week in and week out basis. I'm not suggesting that a change is necessary and this is CERTAINLY NOT an attempt to rally any sort of "fire Turner Gill" momentum. I'm just curious as to the consensus and I'm curious to track the consensus as time goes on.

My one regret is not starting this sooner. Not because I'm looking to criticize but because I would have loved to have an approval rating for comparison purposes right after last season. I'd also like to compare the approval rating immediately following Turner Gill's signing day bonanza. There have been some good times in the last year and I myself have been pretty high on Gill depending on where we've been. My gut tells me that there were times where Kansas fans would have been fairly high on the staff as well and that might have even been the case just a few weeks ago.

So here we are today, 2-2 and honestly we're probably right where many of us expected to be from a record standpoint. Keeping it constructive, do you approve of the job done by Turner Gill up to this point today? Yes or no, pretty simple. Feel free to discuss your criteria and reasoning in the comment section. Are you judging the staff by the weekly team performance? Are you looking at the program as a whole? Do you take into consideration recruiting? There are host of things that can go into this and it's up to you. But bottom line, yes or no?