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Big 12 Power Rankings: Week Six


Week five and we're into full on conference action.  A bye week and one last cupcake were on the agenda, but for the most part we had the opportunity to learn a little more top to bottom as some of these teams went head to head. How would the stout Kansas State defense handle the growing tidal wave of RGIII?  Texas A&M looked to rebound, while Texas Tech and Kansas tried to resolve some of the questions closer to the bottom.   So where do we stand? Who's rising, who's falling in this weeks Big 12 power poll?


1. Oklahoma

How They Fared: 62-6 win over Ball State

Previous Ranking NC

It was as if the Sooners had a bye week this week.  Ball State put up very little fight in Norman and the Sooners had an opportunity to take it easy and put the finishing touches on things before the Red River Shootout against Texas.  Looks like this game matters once again.  Not that it ever stopped, but it sure felt like it had maybe lost some luster headed into this year.  Not the case anymore.



2. Oklahoma State

How They Fared: BYE

Previous Ranking #2

Off week for the Cowboys after a big comeback win against Texas A&M a week ago.  There are some strong teams in the conference top to bottom but right now it sure feels like Bedlam will be a deciding factor on the final weekend if both the Cowboys and Sooners can survive what has become a very tough road to the Big 12 title.



3. Texas

How They Fared: 37-14 win over Iowa State

Previous Ranking #4

Texas was up 34-0 in this one before Iowa State was on the board.  All in all it's been smooth sailing in Austin since the quarterback change and now that things look to be a little closer to normal in Longhornland, this weekends Red River Shootout looks to be a big one.  I still think the dip from 1-3 in the Big 12 is a big one, but the conference is very strong this year and nothing can be taken for granted.



4.  Kansas State

How They Fared: 36-35 win over Baylor

Previous Ranking #7

Too much?  Perhaps it's my strong desire for my own team to come out and look like a well coached over-achieving group week after week that is driving this but Kansas State and Bill Snyder continue to prove everyone wrong. This weeks game against Mizzou will prove to be a big test but right now the Wildcats are undefeated and they come at you all game long.  Not an ounce of quit and it's hard not to believe in Snyder part deux.



5. Texas A&M

How They Fared: 38-42 Loss to Arkansas

Previous Ranking #3

Welcome to the SEC Texas A&M.  Well sort of.  For the second week in row a team mounted a large comeback against the Aggies and closed out a big win.  Now Oklahoma State and Arkansas are far from bad losses, but some are starting to question Mike Sherman's coaching ability down in College Station and confidence could become a factor if the struggles continue.



6. Missouri

How They Fared: Bye Week

Previous Ranking NC

Mizzou heads down the road to the West and takes on Bill Snyder and the Wildcats.  Now historically speaking Snyder has proven to be a much better gameday coach than Pinkel.  Rather than ice his own kicker and lose a very winnable game, Snyder typically comes up with a brilliant gameplan and wins games that his team has no business winning.  This should be an interesting one because Pinkel has had two weeks to prepare.  Problem is Snyder's one week is the equivalent of four Pinkel weeks and this one is in Manhattan.  Should be a good test for both and clear things up in the murky North...oh wait?



7. Baylor

How They Fared: 36-35 Loss to Kansas State

Previous Ranking #5

Several things happened on Saturday.  RGIII finally threw an interception.  RGIII finally had more incompletions than touchdowns. AND of course Baylor took a loss.  It's not surprising that Kansas State was able to do some things defensively to disrupt Baylor because the Wildcats have a very solid defense.  What was troubling from a Baylor perspective was the continued question marks surrounding the defensive capability.  K-State wasn't off the charts, but Baylor couldn't quite get it done giving up 36 points.



8.  Iowa State

How They Fared: 37-14 loss to Texas

Previous Ranking NC

Iowa State lost to Texas this year.  Despite all the optimism after a 3-1 start reality was bound to set in.  The Cyclones are definitely overachieving in a sense but the road gets a lot more difficult from here on out, but Paul Rhoads does seem to pull a surprise every year and there are enough winnable games on the schedule for the Cyclones to still think bowl game.



9.  Texas Tech

How They Fared: 45-34 win over Kansas

Previous Ranking NC

Against any other team in the conference it seems unlikely that Tech would have been able to overcome a 20 point 1st quarter deficit.  The Red Raiders are not a very strong defensive team and Kansas turned the ball over far too many times while providing little resistance to Seth Doege and the Tech offense once things started clicking. It will be interesting to see what Tech does next week against A&M as the Red Raiders are 4-0, yet no one wants to give them any credit.



10.  Kansas

How They Fared: 45-34 loss to Texas Tech

Previous Ranking NC

Kansas came out red hot stopping the Red Raiders on 3 straight possessions and scoring on their three opening possessions.  With the score 20-0 and everything going right it seemed like the perfect recipe for a nice upset win.  Fast forward two more quarters and Kansas had squandered the lead, been blown away in the 3rd quarter once again and Jayhawk fans are starting to wonder what can be done and how quickly change can be expected on the defensive side of the ball.  It seems like there is a long way to go to be competitive from that standpoint.