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Rock Chalk Talk BlogPoll Ballot Week 10

After a brief week off we're back with our weekly blogpoll ballot ranking the top 25 as seen by RockChalkTalk.  Quite a few changes since the last time we checked in and what once looked like a loaded top 10 now seems a bit more balanced and there are still plenty of changes on the way. 

A Few Thoughts On My Picks After The Jump.

  • LSU takes on Alabama this week in what amounts to step one for either of these teams when it comes to playing in a BCS Championship game.  The question is, could it be possible for these two teams to meet in a BCS title game?
  • Okie Light v Oklahoma is going to be huge at the end of the season.  Now that obviously assumes both still reach that point unscathed, but if OSU has a chance to play in the title game you can bet Sooner fans want to spoil that one in a big way.
  • Andrew Luck with a tremendous rally to get his team over the hump.  No he's not perfect and yes he threw a pick six with under five to go that made the rally necessary, but the guy is as poised as it gets.
  • Speaking of Luck.  Does anyone think maybe Turner Gill is confused and thinks he can be a part of the "Suck for Luck" campaign?  Somebody might want to tell him that losing doesn't mean you get a higher draft pick in college.
  • Have I mentioned that I'm disappointed that I couldn't see a Bill Snyder v Bo Pelini matchup this season.
  • Muddy waters near the bottom but I've got Houston and Southern Miss representing teams with coaches that Kansas fans would have liked to be considered when we hired Turner Gill.  Granted neither really seemed to be considering Kansas or in the conversation beyond speculation, but I think quite a few would be ok with a guy like Larry Fedora.  I think the jury might still be out on Sumlin until he does it without Keenum.