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Big 12 Announces Equal Revenue Distribution

Victory?  Is the Big 12 saved? The Big 12 board of directors announced today that the conference members have agreed to an equal revenue share for all conference related distributable revenue to include Tier I and II football television, men's basketball television and NCAA men's basketball tournament revenues. This action becomes effective after each member institution commits a grant of rights to the Conference for its Tier I and II television rights for at least six years.

As I read it, this solidifies the conference for the next six years IF and WHEN the member institutions commit.  I haven't heard definitive word on a commitment from Missouri, but I would assume that will be the final domino to fall and put this into action.  I have to admit I've been a little out of touch with realignment, mostly due to "realignment fatique", but that's how I'm reading the release from the Big 12. 

I guess the next question has to be how good is this for Kansas?  A few years back when we were churning out a solid football team and appearing on television consistently we were finishing in the top 3-5 in conference revenue.  Our basketball program along with a decent football program was paying off in an unequal revenue sharing model.  With things now shifting on the gridiron, does this help Kansas remain more competitive and rebuild the football program?