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Rock Chalk Talk BlogPoll Ballot: Week Six

The top stays pretty much the same minus a bit of a fall by Boise State but a host of changes in the middle as we had our first MAJOR weekend of conference play and made a little early separation in terms of contenders and pretenders.

The biggest drops for me were Baylor, A&M, South Carolina, Florida, Virginia Tech.  Some were dropped simply for losing, others for the way they lost.  As for those making a jump, Kansas State is in my Top 25 and I can't emphasize enough that what Bill Snyder is doing AGAIN in Manhattan is one of the more impressive things in college football at the moment.  I'll be curious to see if it continues, but I will not be the first one in line ready to doubt him anytime soon. 

More thoughts after the jump.

  • This is the year where a team like Boise State just doesn't do it for me.  There are some good teams across the country and most of those teams are in power conferences.  It's a combination of talent, coaching and great football.  Boise State has a place, but it's not in the top five this year.  I imagine we'll have some more settling when Alabama and LSU have to square off or OU and OSU and ultimately that will open a small door for the Broncos, but I'm not buying the argument this year the way I did last year.
  • No.'s 1-7 are teams that are getting it done in a BIG way early this season.  Each has been tested, all have answered the bell and it feels like we've got a battle royal at the top of college football this year. I guess you'd have to say that Clemson has the easiest path from this point forward but boy have they done a lot to prove themselves early.  5-0 with three top 25 wins and they've beaten two of the three biggest contenders in the ACC.  Circle the Georgia Tech game and the end of season rivalry game against South Carolina.  If they can run the table the sky is the limit.
  • I still love the Badgers.  I couldn't move them ahead of LSU, Alabama or OU but it's something that crossed my mind.  Wisky absolutely dismantled the Corn in the Big 10 debut for Bo Pelini and company and have you watched them play?  I'm pretty sure the left tackle for Wisconsin was running stride for stride with a running back on multiple carries.  These guys are big, physical, tough and athletic.  It's like Ohio State a few years back only they aren't slow and poised for a loss.
  • How would you rank the conferences through six weeks?  I think I'd honestly have to give serious consideration to the Big 12 at the top although it is setting up to be a bang up year for college football.  I'll go SEC, Big 12, Big 10, ACC, Pac12.  Top four area all real close.  Pac 12 is losing by a mile.