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Kansas Silver Linings Nonexistent in Loss to Texas

Defending any part of the Kansas football program is becoming more difficult by the minute and Saturday night's loss in Austin is just the latest in a seemingly endless downward spiral.  Earlier in the season Kansas fans could point to an improved offense, maybe better special teams or perhaps the young talent that had been accumulated in Turner Gill's first recruiting class.  What do you point to now?

Kansas lost to the Texas Longhorns by a final score of 43-0 but even the shutout and the runaway win by Texas don't tell the full story.  Kansas accumulated a TOTAL of 46 yards from scrimmage in this one while giving up 590!  Yes we knew the Kansas defense was near the bottom of division one football, but now it appears the offense is on it's way to joining the party. 

What do you say at this point?  Three first downs to THIRTY FIVE first downs.  Forty four minutes of possession to sixteen!  The ground game finished with negative two yards on the game.  The passing game hit 48 yards but a good chunk of that came during inconsequential minutes during the second half.  At one point the Jayhawks had just one yard from scrimmage early in the third quarter.  This isn't good football or even slightly competitive football by any stretch and it's just hard to watch and believe that something can be salvaged. 

Texas is a solid football team, so is Oklahoma, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech and Georgia Tech.  But to say that Kansas has shown that they belong on the field with any of these teams would be a stretch.  The concern for Sheahon Zenger right now has to be apathy.  The blame game isn't even worth playing.  Right now it's just hard to come to any conclusion other than the fact that something HAS to change.