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Kansas Jayhawks v Texas Longhorns Open Game Thread

October 29th, 2011
6 pm CST
Where: Memorial Stadium, Lawrence Kansas
TV: Longhorn Network/Local Kansas Stations

Welcome to the Rock Chalk Talk and your open thread for the Kansas Jayhawks and the Texas Longhorns from Austin Texas.

Turner Gill is running out of opportunities to change the direction of the increasingly restless Jayhawk fanbase. With Texas, Iowa State, A&M, Baylor and Mizzou left on the schedule Gill does have a few games where he MIGHT matchup better and this game today is one of them. Key word here is MIGHT. Kansas will have to outplay what they've put together all season in order to have a chance and seven games in that seems like a tall order. But you still have to take it one game at a time and I can't ever turn away regardless.

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Rock Chalk and Beak em Hawks!