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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 10.28.11

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These things are so great to watch from the perspective of the build up.  Gill showing some fire, Steven Johnson firing up the troops and the Kansas players talking about what the game means.  I just wish I knew where the disconnect is on Saturday.

Kansas Football

How did Kansas State's Tyler Lockett get so open right before the end of the half? | The Breakdown |
Do you really care? I do love these play breakdowns but man does this become depressing.

Big 12

West Virginia Mountaineers' move to Big 12 on hold, source says - ESPN
Everyone saying Louisville could be the preferred option.

Oklahoma Sooners confused by talks of Big 12 Network - ESPN
Big 12 Network snag. Oklahoma starting to become a pain equal to Texas.

NCAA Stuff

NCAA panel approves major scholarship rules changes - ESPN
Some pretty big changes. "Unlimited Calls and Texting to prep recruits after June 15th at the end of their sophomore year" John Calipari is going to redefine "unlimited.

Shocking news from the world of college basketball

Michael Beasley sues former agent, AAU coach -
It is what it is, but I guess now we're opening up this can of worms.