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Kansas Football Staff Approval Rating: Post-Kansas State

Apologies for the delay and slower coverage this week. First I was off the grid for a work conference and then when I returned yesterday we woke up to no power and a heavy snow across Denver. 36 hours later I still don't have power at my house so it's been a bit chaotic. But we'll get back in the swing of things. I guess we've got Texas this weekend correct?

Perhaps letting this one breath a little will allow us to walk into this approval rating with a clear head. I'm not saying it will sway the result but I'm fairly confident that the normal Tuesday time slot would have led to some pretty strong reactions. Again, those might still exist today and that's perfectly fine and appropriate if they do.

Last Week's Results (Post Oklahoma)

54% of RCT'ers approved of the job being done by the staff following the Oklahoma contest.

46% Did NOT approve.

Rolling Tally on the Season...259 YES, 242 NO. That's a 52/48 split.

Now let's see what kind of movement we get this week. The tone has certainly changed and I'll be interested to see how the numbers play out. Short week, poll is open until KICKOFF on SATURDAY. Vote early and tell a friend to vote too, because P.Diddy wants you to.