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Kansas Football Report Card: Kansas State

Unfortunately, I had to put the team on academic probation this week, so there will be no grades. After yet another complete beatdown, it seems unnecessary and tedious and spell out each of the team's myriad failures from this past weekend. I doubt anyone would want to read that anyway. This week, instead of the traditional format, I will simply list out a few of the things we did well and some of the things we did poorly.

The good:

-Executed a fantastic two minute drill at the end of the first half
-Jimmay Mundine continues to look very good against opponents' second-team defenses
-Despite a shanked punt, Ron Doherty ended up wtih a solid punting day, pinning KSU inside their 20 on two occasions.
-Despite the offense's inability to get anything going downfield, Webb was efficient, completing 75% of his passes and throwing no interceptions.

The bad:

-Mental errors and dumb penalties cost us from the very beginning. The team was undisciplined in all three phases of the game.
-8 yards per completion is a little too reminiscent of last year's offense for my liking.
-Same standard defensive struggles: zero pass rush, and even if the DBs manage to be in position, don't know what to do when the ball is in the air
-We might as well use McDougald, Terry and Smith exclusively for support in the run game, because they are absolutely clueless against the pass. Keeston Terry actually gave up a touchdown after biting on a move the receiver never even made.
-Even though Klein had FOUR rushing TDs, we never stopped selling out on the running back on zone reads

I apologize for not putting more effort into this, but the more I think about that game, the less I want to write. If you have any good or bad to add, feel welcome to do so in the comments section. I'll be doing a Report Card: Coaching Staff Edition later this week.