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Kansas Opens As A 29 Point Underdog Against Oklahoma State

No big surprise, Kansas opens up as a HUGE underdog heading into Stillwater for a game against Mike Gundy's high octane offense. The Jayhawks open as a 29 point dog to be exact and it's hard to argue with that given the struggles on the defensive end. Interestingly Colorado is the only other BCS program with such a significant opening line as they take on Standford

Why is Oklahoma State favored so significantly? That's an easy answer really. Oklahoma State is a top 5 offensive team, #3 to be exact. By contrast Kansas is bottom of the barrel on the defensive side of the ball and dead last as a scoring defense. Those stats include games against Northern Illinois and McNeese. So it goes..."it is what it is" as they used to say. I'll be keeping an eye on the over/under as the week goes on and at the same time I'll certainly hope for the best as the grind continues.