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Kansas v Texas Tech Animated Drive Chart


Animated Drive Chart brought to you by Gameday Depot.

45-7 run by the Red Raiders and a back breaker of a 3rd quarter.  It's certainly easy to look at the defense and see the issues but I do think some of the blame rests on the offense and special teams for turning the ball over.  Kansas was up 20-7, Tech had just scored but the Red Raider defense had yet to get a stop.  Kansas on the other hand had pulled stops in 3 of 4 series attempts by Tech.  What happens?  An interception, short field for Tech and a touchdown.  Next series?  Interception, short field for tech and we have a tie ball game. 

Fortunately Kansas was able to come out and score one more touchdown before the half and that gave the Jayhawks a lead going into halftime, but you would have had a hard time knowing it if you looked at body language, fan excitement etc. on the TV.  Start of the 3rd quarter and Kansas kicks.  Three VERY quick scores put the score at 45-27 and Kansas was pretty much spent.  It's an improved offense but not one built for a huge rally. 

A late touchdown did make the score respectable and provided the appearance of competitiveness, but this one really wasn't in question by the mid way point of the 3rd quarter.  At the beginning of the year we talked ceilings in terms of win totals. Most of us put it somewhere in between 2 and 4. I don't think Tech is really one we would have pointed to but the Big 12 as a whole looks stronger and Tech looks weaker than most would have originally thought.  That means we're at the point where we might just be at our ceiling right now because Kansas WILL NOT be favored again this year.  Here's hoping we can pull one or two well placed inspired victories because you can feel the fan base slipping.