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Rock Chalk Talk BlogPoll Ballot: Week 8

I won't lie.  This is becoming a very difficult task.  I feel great about the top portion of my ballot but the bottom is so tough.  I find myself playing favorites because the difference between teams is so negligible that it becomes difficult to sort it out week to week.

A Few Thoughts On My Picks After The Jump

  • I'm taking LSU and Oklahoma at the top because those are the two teams I would pick right now when LSU faces Bama and OU takes on OSU.  Alabama obviously has a strong argument but they'll settle that one on the field before BCS standings even come into play.  It's nice when it works out that way.
  • My top 6 stay the same and I've bumped Clemson above Boise State this week too because right now I'm a believer in big time college football and I feel like this is the first time in several years where the big boys are showing up in a way that should block out the little guy. 
  • Kansas State and Nebraska are actually switched in most polls including the BCS where K-State is 11 and Nebraska is 13.  How much would you love to see Pelini and Snyder square off right now.  One of the tragedies of realignment right there.
  • Which two loss team is least deserving?  I went with Texas because of the inconsistencies.  I like Baylor although the defense is looking about as bad as that of our own Kansas defense.  I gave Arizona State and Auburn the nod because I feel like they've won some tough games as well.
  • Any Snubs?  Georgia getting some love, Washington perhaps?