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The Sunflower Showdown Line Opens with Kansas State as a 14.5 Point Favorite Over Kansas

For the first time in several weeks the Jayhawks aren't an overwhelming underdog. This week the Jayhawk play host to in State rival Kansas State on Saturday morning in Lawrence and Kansas State opened as a 14.5 point favorite to kick the week off.  Oddly enough, Kansas State is ranked 12th in the country at this point, Bill Snyder has his team playing well, exceeding expectations and they are coming off an impressive road win over Texas Tech. 

So why the increasing confidence in the Jayhawks?  It's pretty simple, this one might be more about the matchup and less about Kansas.  Bill Snyder has a team that is very good defensively and very deliberate offensively. They aren't necessarily known as an up tempo gun slinging team, so one might think that Kansas State could be in a closer game with Kansas than someone like Oklahoma or Oklahoma State.

At the same time Kansas State scored 41 in the win over Texas Tech and the dropped 36 on the road in a win over Miami.  They are battle tested, they have proven that they can win on the road and Kansas State has consistently beaten the odds laid out by Vegas for the past several weeks. 

Yes as a Kansas fan there are positives that can be taken away from the improved performance over Oklahoma.  But Bill Snyder and Kansas State were 52 points better than the Jayhawks.  Has Kansas done anything on a consistent basis to prove that they have improved that by over FIVE touchdowns?  This isn't about being negative, this is about Bill Snyder's track record of putting up big numbers against Kansas and his track record of putting his foot on the Jayhawks throat when the opportunity is there.

This week is a big week for Turner Gill.  The line has actually moved in a positive direction for Kansas and the Jayhawks need and must put together something competitive.