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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 10.17.11

Kansas Football

This time, Kansas not punch line |
It was a step in the right direction. A long way to go but it was an unexpected step in the right direction.

Steven Johnson best Jayhawk against Sooners | The Keegan Ratings |
Three defenders in the top four and all three deserved it.

Board games: Big Bird, rappers come to KU defense’s aid |
Whatever works.

KU football has chance at upset against K-State |
I'm actually fairly concerned about our offense and our ability to score in this one. K-State's defense is good and very opportunistic. We're going to have to be MUCH more effective if we want to even talk upset.

College Football

BCS Standings -- LSU Tigers take top spot in season's first standings - ESPN
Well the top four teams will all play eachother between now and the end of the season so things will certainly sort themselves out.