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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 10.12.11

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Kansas' Defensive Struggles are Epic |
We're going to be hearing a lot more of this.

Coaches’ mercy approach tested against Jayhawks -
Sad state of affairs. And we wonder why Kansas kids would rather go to the State just South when determining where to play football.

Sports Extra - Blogs - Missing Mark Mangino | Tulsa World
Not long after Mangino's dismissal, Haskin wrote: "I want to think there is some good in this coach that can be channeled into some kind of Mangino makeover. He has it in him. I've laughed with Mark, enjoyed his wit, appreciated his concern, admired his insight.

Can’t quite ‘believe’ |
More un"believe" talk from Keegan

Defense holds player-only talk |
Players only meeting. Guess we'll see what comes of it.

Big 12

Interim boss Chuck Neinas says Big 12 set with 10 teams for 2012 - NCAA Football -
I hate the drag it out technique that seems to be ongoing. Guess it's for the best.