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Big 12 Power Rankings: Week Seven


Hard to believe we're already heading into the seventh week of the season.  Of course it does feel like a completely different world from those first two games where Kansas was effective in grabbing wins against McNeese State and Northern Illinois.  I suppose it's a lesson in expectations, because things have plummeted in and around the Kansas program since week two.

Elsewhere in the Big 12 there were other teams dealing with expectations.  Texas perhaps tempering theirs, while the Kansas State Wildcats continue to exceed them.  Bedlam continues to look like the game of the year in the conference and it's a little odd to see Mizzou sitting at the bottom of the conference standings while jockeying for a bid to the SEC.  College football can certainly be one wild ride.


1. Oklahoma

How They Fared: 55-17 win over Texas

Previous Ranking NC

The Sooners stomped Texas in the Red River Rivalry and this week they get a recovery week of sorts with a game against the Jayhawks. Oklahoma certainly looks to be the class of the conference along with their in state rival and with the separation at the top starting to show, it would seem that one of these two teams will have an opportunity to play for the title provided they don't blow an all too winnable game along the way.


2. Oklahoma State

How They Fared:70-28 win over Kansas

Previous Ranking #2

Starters pulled in the 2nd quarter in order to build "team camaraderie".  Saturday's win over the Jayhawks was impressive from the OKlahoma State side of things and solidified their spot as the #2 in the conference.  But in reality it may have said more about the state of their opponent.



3.  Kansas State

How They Fared: 24-17 win over Mizzou

Previous Ranking #4

What do you say about Kansas State.  They sit 5-0 on the season and continue to beat teams that no one thinks they will.  This week was the first where many started to give Snyder the benefit of the doubt after expecting losses at Miami and against Baylor.  At this point it's hard to imagine doubting him again.  The Wildcats find a way to get it done. 



4. Baylor

How They Fared: 49-26 win over Iowa State

Previous Ranking #7

After a loss to Kansas State the Bears bounced back with an easy victory over the Iowa State Cyclones.  The win restored a little bit of faith in Baylor and the continued winning in Manhattan has taken some of the sting out of that loss.  The end result?  Baylor is still a very solid team and should find a way to finish in the top half of the conference.



5. Texas A&M

How They Fared: 38-42 Loss to Arkansas

Previous Ranking #5

Sure why not?  A&M got a close win over in state opponent Texas Tech.  In reality the Red Raiders probably performed better than expectations while the Aggies are falling short this year.  Probably spending too much time trying to figure out how they are ever going to win a game in the SEC if they don't get everything together in the next 10 months.



6. Texas

How They Fared: 55-17 loss to Oklahoma

Previous Ranking #3

I'm not sold on any of the teams in spots 5-7.  All have arguments to be above the other.  With Texas it's the QB struggle that turns me off a bit and until they can find some stability and consistency at the position I think it's too easy for them to fall apart like they did against Oklahoma.



7.  Texas Tech

How They Fared: 45-40 loss to A&M

Previous Ranking 9

It was a loss, but it was a loss to a "respectable opponent.  Tech losing to A&M represents the first opponent on the schedule that anyone would really use as an accurate measure of what the Red Raiders might be capable of. With that in mind, they weren't horrible.  Fell behind a bit early just as they did a week ago against Kansas, but they crawled back.  Button things up in the early going and Tech could be bowling by seasons end.



8. Missouri

How They Fared: 24-17 loss to Kansas State

Previous Ranking 6

Mizzou has lost three games to three teams that have just one loss combined.  So in reality they aren't going out and losing to nobody's.  At the same time, they haven't beaten anyone of substance either.  This week is huge because the Tigers take on the Cyclones in Columbia before running a four game gauntlet against #6, #21, #20 and #22.  Oklahoma State will be tough(#6), but the trio of Baylor, Texas and Texas A&M are all winnable.  That said, it has to start with the Cyclones and a win moving the Tigers to 3-3 record. 



9.  Iowa State

How They Fared: 49-26 loss to Baylor

Previous Ranking 9

Iowa State could probably make an argument for the #8 spot based on quality of wins at this point but the Tigers have been close in recent weeks, while the Cyclones were handled rather easily by Baylor.  The good news is that Iowa State gets a chance to earn back some of that early season respect when they play Mizzou on Saturday.



10.  Kansas

How They Fared: 70-28 loss to Oklahoma State

Previous Ranking NC

This isn't changing anytime soon.  Somehow Turner Gill's staff has taken a defense that was improving at the end of last season and created one of the worst defenses in the history of college football.  There have been some dark times in Lawrence when it comes to football, but the dramatic drop from Orange Bowl to now is quickly approaching a different type of dark.