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Kansas Football Staff Approval Rating: Post-Oklahoma State

You've had a day to vent, another day to walk away from it and now it's Tuesday. Tuesday is generally the day where we start to turn the page from reflection to looking forward. With that in mind it's time to take our weekly pulse check of the Jayhawk fanbase. My hope is that we don't get to reactionary because last week we checked in like this:

61% of voters approved of Turner Gill and his staff (94 votes)

39% of voters disapproved (60 votes)

Much of the commentary surrounding the vote spoke to patience, improved offensive production, recruiting success etc. A week ago we were feeling a bit dejected but still optimistic enough to stay the course. So once again, Yes or no, pretty simple. Discuss your criteria, any changes and your reasoning in the comment section. Are you judging the staff by the weekly team performance? If so it could be a big swing. Are you looking at the program as a whole? There are host of things that can go into this and it's up to you. But bottom line, yes or no?