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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 10.11.11

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Kansas Football

KU-Kansas State football game to kick off at 11 a.m. |
Get ready to take a trip down memory lane. It's going to feel like 2001 all over again. Too negative?

Monday Rewind: Oklahoma State; Clock ticking on Turner Gill? | Tale of the Tait / Later Monday)
KU doesn’t have to win that game. We’re not even close to talking like that yet. But KU can’t give up 70 points and 600 yards while being run out of the stadium in the first quarter either. 55-35 works. 49-27 would be fine, too. 77-21 or anything along those lines spells trouble.

Run it up? Oklahoma Sooners wouldn't stoop so low |
Is it bad that this is the conversation being had with the opposing coach during game week? Not something like, "how are you going to attack xyz" or "how do you plan on approaching abc from a defensive standpoint". Our opponents are being asked if they are going to try to cover the ridiculous spread and hit the over under by halftime.

Kansas Basketball

‘Late Night’ great night for KU hoops recruits |
Talking about Late Night from a recruit perspective. We'll have quiet a few names in the building on Friday.

Big 12

Beware of the Frogs: TCU officially accepts invitation to join Big 12 |
The Frogs are on board. Guess that means we have to learn another silly Texas hand symbol.

Missouri Tigers study outlines SEC revenue advantage - ESPN
A Missouri move to the SEC could generate as much as $12 million more in annual TV revenue, according to a document obtained by The Associated Press.

College Football

Big East will consider adding 6 football schools - ESPN
Big East is going to make a big play at 6 football schools. I'm just not seeing how they are going to end up with anything worthwhile. I already feel like the Big 12 would have to reach to get back to 12 if Missouri leaves. Is that ever going to happen by the way?