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Kansas vs. Oklahoma Line Opens at 35

Every time you think you might be hitting bottom, it seems to get a little worse.  This week the Jayhawks do return home which is something at least.  On the other hand they draw the Oklahoma Sooners and what is the latest and now LARGEST underdog line that Kansas has faced all season long.

35!!!  That's the opening line in this one and while there are a lot of lopsided contests on the docket this weekend, 35 is surpassed by just one and that one is Indiana and Wisconsin. Based on past performance this one seems like a lock despite being a full five touchdown margin.  The over/under is yet to come out but it will likely also be easy money unless something dramatic changes on the Kansas defense. 

I hate to be a downer right now but Oklahoma rang up 55 against Texas last weekend.  That just doesn't seem like a winning formula or a competitive formula for the Jayhawks.  Granted this probably wasn't circled on anyone's calendar as a winnable one to start the season, but it looks uglier than ever based on the last three weeks.