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Rock Chalk Talk BlogPoll Ballot: Week Seven

The top of the poll is getting pretty easy to manage.  The bottom, on the other hand, seems like a revolving door.  A few thoughts on why I have folks where after the jump.

  • Up top did flip flop two Big 12 teams with a pair of teams that were sitting right in front of them.  Oklahoma and Oklahoma State were impressive from an offensive standpoint and they were REAL impressive.  Assuming both survive until Bedlam, which looks likely, the rivalry game is going  to play out as a National Title play in game.  These two teams are head and shoulders above most of the Big 12. 
  • Of course Bill Snyder is slowly creeping up the list and who knows, he's managed to bite a few teams in the past.  I couldn't be more impressed with what's going on in Manhattan.  I couldn't ever really count myself as a fan for obvious conflicts of interest but it's hard not to look at the program and see something that we're not used to...EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS.
  • The way this is playing out the Kansas schedule continues to look more and more difficult.  Georgia Tech is approaching the top 10 this year.  Not sure anyone would have gone that far based on what they lost.
  • Ron Zook is working his way out of dead man walking status in a big way.  It seemed that two years ago when Reggie Mitchell came over with Gill that it was possibly due to the fact that a change was on the way in Champaign.  Fast forward to today and Gill is probably looking like the one with a warmer seat than Zook.
  • No.'s 20-25?  Not even sure what to do with it.  You put someone in and they lose.  Drop someone out and they win.  I think college football has some top notch great teams at the top, but it's very mediocre in the middle.  Good year in my opinion though, I like the power teams slugging it out up top.
  • LSU.  Went to this game.  LSU owned Florida.  Not that Florida is that good but LSU's defense is a bear and the LSU running back, no. 11, might be the toughest runner I've ever seen.  LSU v Bama and OU v OSU are going to be the two BEST games of the year and then hopefully the winners get to square off in the title.  If not I vote for Wisky based on early season performance.  Those are my five teams right now that I would pay money to see play.