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Kansas Falls To Texas Tech 45-34

The game started with a bang and the Jayhawks looked like they could be on their way to a 3-1 record through four weeks of the season.  Then Texas Tech got things moving and the Kansas Jayhawks slowly fell apart.  Turnovers, poor defense and penalties hurt Turner Gill's team all afternoon and things are starting to get pretty frustrating for football fans in Lawrence Kansas.

For all the talk about the improved offense and moving things in the right direction, the program still seems to have a lot of work to do. Yes there are positives.  Offensively Kansas isn't the anemic version that they were a season ago.  Chuck Long has been able to get more creative, the Kansas backfield has been a strength and Jordan Webb has been making the right decisions for the most part.  Up front the Jayhawk offensive line is healthy and providing the running lanes and pass protection to make those things work and that is certainly a positive.  But most of those positives are overshadowed by the negative.

Kansas simply can't hope to go out and outscore someone in a shootout.  The offense isn't at that point, but that seems to be all that the defense is capable of.  After stops in the opening quarter, Tech made the necessary adjustments, the Kansas lost their edge and then they seemed to lose their fight.  Is it scheme?  Is it talent?  Is it depth? Is it health? One has to believe it's a combination of things, but one thing does seem to be crystal clear and that's the fact that Kansas has to get the house in order on the defensive side of the ball before any real progress can take place in the win/loss column.

Final score 45-34.  Brandon Bourbon and James Sims had solid games leading the Kansas ground attack and despite some less than favorable final numbers, Jordan Webb started hot and had a decent game.  Three interceptions isn't what you want to see but one was on the wideout and the other was just one of those bizarre bounces that sometimes goes against you.  Tech finishes with over 500 yards of total offense, 300+ through the air and 150+ on the ground.   One thing making this one even more frustrating is the fact that this wasn't a game that you would have gone into expecting a win, but after one quarter it was a game that you thought Kansas was on track to win.  Not the case.