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Kansas Sneaks Out Another In Win Over Michigan

For Kansas it was more of the same.  Kansas played a team in Michigan that's probably the equal to a team like Nebraska or Iowa State in the Big 12.  Michigan might actually have more talent than those two, but they're very young and the Wolverines aren't expected to make a play in the Big 10 this year.

So what did we learn?  Not much other than Kansas fans should prepare for an edge of your seat type conference season.  The Jayhawk again struggled to put away a team that they had overmatched and as happens when you do that, Michigan gained confidence and they elevated their play down the stretch.  In that same time, Kansas looked tight and a little pressured.

Overall the Jayhawks shot poorly, turned the ball over and just didn't look crisp in a game that didn't have a lot of flow to it period.  This one can certainly be used as a learning experience as Kansas will face opponents and games that will have a similar feel in the Big 12.  Final score in this one, Kansas 67 Michigan 60.

These are the games Bill Self can continue to point to as he preaches the message that offense can come and go, but defense remains.  The Jayhawks held Michigan to just 34% from the field   The problem is the Jayhawks shot just 35% from the field.  It was ugly, but it was a win and defense was a big part of that.

Perhaps the biggest concern at the end of this one is the status of Jayhawk sophomore Travis Releford who left the court with injury and never returned to the bench.  Releford had established himself as a contributor in the rotation and a player that set a tone on the defensive end.  Losing him for any extended time doesn't kill Kansas, but it certainly isn't a positive. 

Winner in this one: Tough to say. The Morri played well, Tyshawn had moments, but no one on Kansas can really walk away feeling like this was a particularly good game.

Losers: Any possible serious injury to Travis Releford and all that positive momentum that Kansas had gained and would have liked to carry into conference play. 

Kansas tips against Iowa State on Wednesday to open the conference season.  Short turnaround for Bill Self to make corrections and get his team back on track.